Eliminate Allergens in the Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Summer is the prime time for allergies to act up. You even avoid the outdoors on days when allergens in the air are high. But what if you experience itchy eyes and sneezing indoors? How can you ever get a break from your allergies if you feel the discomfort inside as well?

Reduce Allergies in the Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

The truth is that carpet collects dust, dirt, and other airborne particles in the home. When your family walks through the room, the allergens are lifted out of the carpet and into the air, forever recirculating. You can vacuum, but if you want to get into the deep grooves of the carpet, a heavy-duty machine is required.

When the carpet is deep-cleaned, it not only looks good as new, but it also reduces the amount of airborne allergens in your home. Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of a clean, fresh carpet.

Deep Clean Your Carpets to Reduce Allergens and Eliminate Germs and Smells

Professional carpet cleaning will also take care of other contaminants in the carpet. You may not even notice your house has a smell until after the carpets are cleaned. Consider these other benefits of professional cleaning for your carpets:

  • Remove Pet Urine: Dogs and cats have accidents from time to time, leaving unsightly stains that seem to get more yellow with time. Take care of these stains with regular carpet cleaning services.
  • Eliminate Food Stains: Spilled spaghetti, soda, and chocolate cake are facts of life, even if it feels devastating in the moment. Carpet cleaning can take care of those stains to get your carpet back to presentable form. Hire cleaning services quickly after the accident before the stains set in.
  • Clean Up Mud and Dirt: Shoes track in mud and dirt that dig deep into the carpet grooves and seem to stay forever. If you try to scrub up the stains, they get darker and deeper. Take advantage of the power of professional carpet cleaning to suck up those stains for good.

Is it time to start fresh with renewed carpet in your home? Our carpet professionals at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning are ready to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Call our owner, Scott Peterson, at (951) 303-1333 to set up an appointment.