Engaging the Elderly in the Seasonal Holiday Celebrations

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This time of year is fun for people of all ages, because the holiday season means family parties and social gatherings. Sometimes we get caught up in the many activities of the season, which can cause us to forget about the people who need our attention the most: elderly family members.

Loneliness during the HolidaysElder Care Holiday Advice

Even though the holidays are a time to celebrate, many elderly people experience loneliness during this season. It is likely that they have experienced losses such as a spouse that has passed away, or their children might be celebrating the season in a different part of the world. Changes in life can be the most difficult when a person has many memories associated with the season.

It is common for elderly people to feel isolated during this time of year, because they want to be surrounded by their families. If you have an elderly family member, then there are a few things that you can do to enhance their holiday season:

  • Maintain Traditions: Did your parents maintain family traditions throughout the holidays? Keep those traditions going, and make sure to include the elderly parent in the celebration.
  • Shopping for Christmas Presents: Make it a point to take them shopping to buy Christmas presents for the people they care about. Also, be sure that other family members are planning gifts and visits during the holiday season. If the elderly family member is too weak to go to the store, then you can spend time shopping online with them.
  • Holiday Concerts and Programs: There are many concerts and school programs during this time of year, and these events are a great opportunity to get the elderly person out of the house. These events are especially important for people who are in an assisted living facility.
  • Put Up Holiday Décor: When you setup the Christmas tree or Chanukah menorah in your own home, think about holiday décor for your elderly family member as well. A few decorations can help to brighten their room and remind the person of the holiday season on a daily basis.

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