Extra Time at Home? Use that Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door

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The current “Shelter in Place” order here in California means that many people are looking for ways to fill their extra time. If you need a break from Netflix binging, then take a moment to identify a few DIY home renovation projects. The garage is a great place to start.

DIY Home Improvement for the Garage

What’s on your priority list for improving the garage? Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your home improvement projects:

  • Paint the Garage Door: If the door is weather-worn and dingy, it might be the perfect time to grab a bucket of paint and add a fresh layer to improve your curb appeal. Make sure to clean the garage door thoroughly before painting. Choose a paint that is rated for outdoor use. Alternatively, it might be better to stain the garage door if you have a natural wood.
  • Organize Storage Areas: The garage tends to be a catch-all space with storage items such as sports equipment, tools, outdoor activities, and more. Pull all of these items off the shelves and place everything in the middle of the garage. Then, evaluate each item, one at a time, to decide what you want to keep and what can be donated. Finally, place everything back into storage in a clean, organized manner. If needed, it might be time to invest in new shelving or storage bins to protect your equipment.
  • Garage Flooring: Is your garage floor in need of attention? It feels good to sweep out the garage, and you can take things to the next level by using a power washer to get rid of the gunk and grime. If you want to upgrade your flooring, an epoxy coating can be used on the cement to give the garage a nice, finishing touch.

Garage Experts are Here to Help

If you need garage repairs or you ready to replace the entire garage door, then our team is just a phone call away. You are invited to call us at Precision Garage Door Service any time if you have questions about available services: 951) 331-3254.