What is the Difference in Services for New Construction and Garage Door Replacement?

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If you are preparing for the installation of a new garage door, then it might be easy to assume that these services are the same for new construction and garage door replacement. But, there are a few differences in the way the job is handled. So, it is important that you talk to the installation team in the early planning stages to set the right expectation for the project.

These are a few things that might change if you are replacing an old garage door instead of installing a garage door in a new home:boringLogo

  • Sizing Limitations: Most garage doors have standard sizing, but there are older homes that have unusually sized doors. With new construction, you can generally pick any standard door, and it will fit. But, old homes might need custom sizing to ensure the right match for the door that will be installed.
  • Taking Down Old Equipment: Another unique element of garage door replacement is that the old door needs to be removed before the installation can be done. So, our team will need to pull down and uninstall the outdated equipment, and then prepare the area for the new equipment. With new construction, the area doesn’t require as much work before the door can be installed.
  • Matching Colors and Style: With new construction, the homeowner often chooses the door at the same time they are picking out other design features for the home. So, it is natural to pick a door that fits well with the color scheme that will be used on the external areas of the home. You can hand-pick the overall theme to match your desires. On the other hand, a garage door replacement will look best if you choose a door that matches the colors that are already in place. Since the garage door is the only thing that is changing, you need to maintain consistency in the appearance of the property.

Whether you need assistance with new construction installation or you are looking for help with a garage door replacement, we are here to help! Talk to our experienced team: Precision Garage Door Service at (951) 331-3254