Garage Door Safety Tips – Protect Your Children!

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garage doorAccidents involving garage doors are rare, but they can and do happen. When lowered, garage doors can exert enough force to cause serious injury and death. Due to their natural curiosity and attraction to mechanical objects, children are particularly at risk. If you have an automatic garage door, follow these tips to keep your children safe.

Out of sight, out of mind. Children are less likely to play with things that they can’t access. Store your garage door remote control out of your children’s reach, and never let them play with it. The wall control should be installed at least five feet high on the wall, to keep it out of reach of small children.

Education is everything. Just as you teach children not to play with firearms or household chemicals, they must also be warned about the dangers of automatic garage doors. Tell them they are never allowed to play with the controller, and explain why they should stay away from the door when it is up or being lowered. As with all doors, make sure your children are aware that touching hinges, joints, tracks and springs can result in injuries to their hands. Teach your children where the emergency release button is located, just in case someone is ever trapped under the door.

Keep your eyes open. Just as you’re very careful to look behind you when driving in reverse, keep your eyes on the garage door as it is being lowered. Some people have the tendency to press the button and simply drive away, but taking those extra seconds to be sure door closes safely could save a life.

Check your door regularly. Take a few moments once a month to test your garage door system, to be sure it’s working properly.

Set a good example. Children often model the behavior of their parents. Don’t let your children see you racing to beat the door, or walking or standing underneath the door when it is raised. When you are responsible and safe around your automatic garage door, your children are likely to copy that behavior.

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