Garage Door Security: Keeping a Home Safe

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It is important to keep the safety of your home a priority throughout the year, and sometimes people can get a little lazy with their home security as the weather warms up during the spring and summer months. If you are spending more time outside in the yard, then you need to make sure that you are staying proactive to keep an eye on your belongings in the garage, and it is best to close the garage and lock the doors.

Garage Door: A Potential Entry Point for BurglariesGarage Door Security - Keeping Your Home Safe

Most burglars will enter through the main floor of the home, and a garage door might cause a weak point that makes entry easier. Avoid leaving the garage door open if you are in another part of the yard, and make sure that you deadbolt the door that opens into the house. Also, consider keeping the garage door opener in your car out of view, in order to decrease the likelihood of theft from the car that would allow a burglar access into your home.

Slide Lock on the Garage Door

Instead of only relying on the automatic door opener for your garage, consider using a slide lock feature to manually lock the door as well. It is possible for an unwanted visitor to use a tool to breach the security of your garage door opener, but they won’t be able to get the door open from the outside if the slide lock is engaged.

Watch for Malfunction or Corrosion

It is also important to keep up with garage door maintenance in order to watch for corrosion or repairs that are needed. If the garage door malfunctions, then it might be easier for an intruder to enter. Visibly inspect the garage door for signs of broken parts or corrosion that might weaken the garage door. You might even consider hiring an expert to inspect the door on a regular basis.

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