Garage Door Trends for Style and Function Upgrades

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For many homes, the garage door is a large percentage of the “face” of the structure. That’s why it needs to look good, adding style and curb appeal to the home. Not only that, modern garage door systems need to be built for functional and reliable performance. Here’s a quick sampling of today’s trends:


Homeowners and builders continue to favor classic garage design and style, although fewer people have the appetite for high maintenance materials such as real wood. Fortunately, there are great alternatives that can offer the same sophisticated, warm look of wood. A popular choice is embossed steel with a quality, wood-grain like finish. Fiberglass skins or composite overlays are also popular finish options.


Insulated door paneling remains a desirable upgrade for many people. Polyurethane foam can be built directly into garage paneling. The increased R-value of the door brings additional comfort and savings to homeowners without breaking the bank.


Smart home technology is a major driver in the industry, as the internet of things continues to grow in influence. Garage openers are now commonly manufactured with wi-fi technology built into the system, allowing homeowners to use and monitor their doors remotely. Homeowners benefit by no longer worrying whether they remembered to close the garage door as they drove away.

Another feature of smart garage tech is the ability to give temporary access to people. Think about a delivery truck dropping off your Amazon packages or the like.

Glass and Windows

People are choosing to install garage doors made of full glass. This type of door allows an immense amount of light into the garage, giving a much brighter and more spacious feel to the space. The glass can be frosted or tinted for privacy while adding interest and curb appeal.

Other owners are choosing to incorporate window panels into their garage doors. This style also allows more light into the garage at a more affordable cost than a full glass garage door system.

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