Give the Gift of Clean Energy This Year

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With the holidays upon us, the season of gift-giving is in full swing.  If you’re looking for a gift idea this year, why not give something that is earth-friendly?   Here are several clean energy gifts that your family and friends are sure to love:

Solar Chargers

Harness the sun’s clean energy for all of your devices.  Solar power chargers are a sustainable solution to charging the litany of handheld devices that so many of us carry. From cell phones to tablets, this gift idea is sure to brighten someone’s Christmas season.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is important for convenience as well as safety.  Solar powered yard lights can be used to line pathways, steps and obstacles.  Solar powered lights equipped with motion detectors can be installed to provide strong lighting on demand in areas like driveways and alleys.  Decorations and garden features can also be accentuated with a little bit of solar creativity.

Solar Powered Toys

For the little people in your life, toys powered by the sun can be an eco-friendly way to spread some holiday cheer and help teach them about renewables.  You don’t need to look far to find these kinds of toys either.  Solar powered toy cars, robots, and DIY assembly kits are readily available in the marketplace.

Solar Electric System for Your Home

Want to think big this holiday season?  Give the gift of solar to yourself and your family! A home solar system is a gift that keeps on giving.   The solar panels come with a 25 manufacturer warranty, so after the system pays for itself, you have free electricity until at least year 25.  With 0 out of pockets costs, you can take advantage of a 12 year solar loan with monthly payments of about what you are paying the utility company each month.  Plus,

there is a 26% Federal Tax Credit available.   Installing solar will give you the opportunity to get off the lifetime payment plan with the electric company!

Call the Solar Experts

However you choose to celebrate this year, the team at New Day Solar wishes you a safe,  joy-filled,  holiday season!

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