Gum and Wax: How to Remove Them from Carpet

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Little spills and messes can be lifted from carpet fibers, but it’s hard to remove the signs of certain products such as gum or wax. Whether your child left a gob of chewed up gum on the floor, or you accidentally spilled candle wax, it’s important that you know how to handle the stain.

3 Methods for Gum or Wax in the Carpet

Gum and wax require similar strategies to pull up the remnants on the surface of the carpet. Here are a few tricks you might try:

  • Cold Temperatures: Chewing gum and wax are sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Try placing a sealed bag of ice on the affected area and hold it in place to harden the spot. When the gum or wax solidifies, then you can carefully scrape it from the surface of the carpet.
  • Hot Temperatures: On the other end of the spectrum, hot temperatures can also make it easier to remove wax or gum from the carpet. The goal is to use enough heat to melt the product, then you can pull up the remnants. Melt the wax with a hairdryer, then place a brown paper bag over the spot and apply more heat. The melted wax or gum will stick to the bag so you can pull it up. But, be careful to manage the temperature so you avoid melting the fibers of your carpet as well.
  • Carpet Cleaning Solution: Once the gum or wax is removed, then follow-up the treatment process by applying a quality product for carpet stain remover. Make sure you are using a clean rag to avoid spreading more wax or gum on the floor. Also, it’s best to blot the stain – never rub the spot because the rubbing motion can push the wax deeper into the carpet fibers.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Sometimes, it’s worth the investment to call a professional carpet cleaning team for assistance. This service can save your carpet by minimizing the appearance of the stain. Our pro team at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning is here to help. Call Scott Peterson to learn more about available services: (951) 303-1333.