How to Remove Hard Water Spots from Windows

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If you’ve noticed stubborn, unsightly spots on your windows, you may have hard water spots. “Hard water” refers to water which contains a high concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfates, and others. The water in some locations simply contains more minerals, and therefore this will be a bigger problem for some people than others.

sprinklersBathroom and kitchen windows are more prone to water spots, because of water spray from nearby fixtures like sinks and showers. Another area of concern is the outside of windows located near sprinklers. If you do run a sprinkler to water your lawn, make sure they don’t spray the windows.

These spots can be hard to remove, but it’s imperative that you address the problem when you first notice them. When left alone, hard water spots can eventually damage your windows and other types of glass. Glass is porous, so mineral deposits can build up to the point that your only options are harsh chemical treatments, grinding and polishing the glass, or having it removed and replaced entirely. Obviously these options – particularly glass replacement – can end up costing you quite a sum of money.

To avoid having to take those drastic steps, your best course of action is to regularly clean windows and other glass around your home. A solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar works well if the hard water stains have not been accumulating over a long period of time. Spray the solution on windows and then sponge them clean. A brush can be used on particularly tough stains.

If you find that your hard water stains are too tough to remove yourself, you may need to hire a professional.  Contact Richard Alexander of Right Brothers Window Cleaning for more information – (800) 281-9030 or