Homeowner Guide: What to Do When Finding Pests in the Home

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If you find a pest infestation (either insects or rodents) in your home, then you’re likely feeling panic and stress about these critters taking over. Not only could your living space be contaminated, but pests can reproduce quickly and cause serious damage to your property.

Not only do pests gnaw on boxes, but they can also damage woodwork, wiring, pipes, and even brickwork. This structural damage can be expensive to repair, which is why you shouldn’t delay pest control services.

Here are three important steps to follow if you find pests in your home:

Call Pest Control

The first thing you need to do is pick up the phone to contact a local pest control company. Don’t wait for a full infestation before making the phone call. The best solution is to reach out for services at the first signs of pests: droppings, nests, or even a single rodent. If you see signs of pests, then it’s likely there are more in the area and they have a nest nearby.

An expert pest control service can find the source, eliminate the pests, and help you implement strategies to minimize the risk of infestations in the future.

Reach Out to Insurance

Depending on your type of homeowners insurance, you might have coverage available to repair the damage caused by pests. Check with your insurance provider. For example, structural damage from pests is often covered by insurance.

Implement Preventive Steps

Not only do you need to eliminate the current problem, but it’s important to understand the risk of recurring infestations in the future. For example, it’s common for pests to move inside when the weather cools down. So, smart homeowners are proactive with preventive pest control in the fall and winter months.

Pests can be a problem throughout the year. Partnering with a skilled pest control team helps you stay ahead of these issues to always maintain a pest-free home. We offer personalized recommendations, such as sealing the exterior of your home and eliminating factors that might attract the pests (such as overgrown landscaping features or uncovered garbage cans).

Call the Pest Control Pros

When it’s time to learn more about pest control, then call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.