How Long Will a Solar Power System Last?

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Choosing to invest in solar energy is a commitment for the long haul. Although the initial purchase and installation costs can be substantial, over time your investment will pay for itself typically in 6 to 7 years. Most people are renting electricity for a lifetime from their utility company, so taking that money and putting it towards a 0 down, 12 year loan makes total sense.  Most of these loan payments are lower than what the customer was paying to the utility company before going solar due to the Federal tax credit.

As a consumer trying to figure out whether the investment is worth it over time, you may ask: “just how long will a solar power system last?”

Most solar panels have a manufacturer warranty of 25-30 years.  Quality solar panels tend to operate well beyond this warranty period. This reliability can be attributed to the fact that panels have no moving parts.

However, for each year that a solar panel is used, panel efficiency declines at an average rate of 0.5% to 1%. This is standard panel degradation. But after 25 years, this means solar panels are still generating as much as 75% – 87.5% of their output when they were new. Some of the premium solar panels installed by New Day Solar, have manufacturer warranties in the 90% range for the 25 year warranty period.

Maximizing the Useful Life of Your Solar Power System

Solar Panels are the most resilient part of the system. However, inverters and batteries need a little more care and attention. New Day Solar installs Enphase Micro Inverters that are tied into the electrical grid and have a 25-year warranty period. Which is a nice pairing with the 25 year warranty on the solar panels.

If you want back up or off grid power we generally use Lithium Iron batteries from Relion. The life span for this newer technology is a hopeful 30 years. The battery based inverters typically have a 10 year manufacturer warranty that can be extended for an additional cost.

If you’re considering the benefits of solar,  New Day Solar is here to help. We have 31 years of expertise in solar installations and we will give you honest answers to all of your solar questions.  Call us to set up  an appointment for a complimentary consultation in your home at: (951) 927-7652, or you can visit us online at  Our no pressure team will help you decide what solar system would be best for you and your family.