How to Clean Your Window Screens

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Women cleaning a windowHow often do you clean your window screens? If you’re like most people, you rarely think about this part of home maintenance. Yet, it’s important to clean your window screens regularly, because dirty screens become weak and can be damaged more easily. Also, your window screens act as a filter every time you open your windows. Old dust and pollen have collected on your window screens all year long and is now blowing into your home causing your allergies to flare up. Not to mention spending extra time dusting your home.

It’s much easier to clean your screens on a regular basis than have to replace all of them.

First, remove all of your screens, and choose a place to work. If you have room, cleaning them outdoors is best, but you can also use your bathtub. The idea is to choose a place where the water can drain easily. You definitely want to remove the screens, rather than trying to clean them as they’re attached to your windows.

Window screens can be very delicate to handle especially if they are a tight fit in the window frames. Window screens and frames can become sun faded and brittle, depending on the type of material used to construct them. Please exercise caution when handling frames.

Place your window hardware in a small plastic bag, so that you don’t lose any important parts.

Next, evaluate the type of screens you’ll be cleaning. The method is basically the same for all screens, but some are more heavy-duty than others. If your screens are thin and fragile, make sure to be gentle with them.

If you’re working outside, lay your screens flat on drop cloths or tarps. Make sure you aren’t using a rocky or uneven surface that could damage the screens. Soak the screens with water, and then spray them with the cleaning agent of your choice.

Using an old toothbrush or some other soft-bristled brush, gently scrub dirt and gunk from your window screens. Avoid using too much pressure, because you can damage your screens. Wipe down the frames with a wet sponge, and then rinse each screen thoroughly. Shake them gently to remove excess moisture.

Let your window screens dry completely before re-installing them. While your screens are removed anyway, now is a good time to clean out your window sills. If you need professional help with your screen cleaning, window sills, and window cleaning please call Right Brothers Window Cleaning at 1-800-281-9030. We cater to residential tract homes and custom homes. Consistent quality is our top priority and we would love to be of assistance.