How to Ensure Solar Inverters Last for the Long Haul

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When you decide to invest in solar panels, you want to set yourself up for success. Are the panels placed correctly? Will you partake in the minimal maintenance that is promised? How can you keep your panels performing optimally?

This article will help you with some of those questions regarding the inverter.

What Is a Solar Panel Inverter?

The inverter is the piece of the solar panel system that takes the energy from the sun and converts it into the energy that your home needs to have power. This vital piece of the system should be carefully taken care of to ensure durability.

3 Tips for a Longlasting Inverter

Learn about how to elongate the life of your solar panel’s inverter with these simple tips:

  1. Place the Inverter Out of Direct Sunlight: It is crucial that the inverter does not overheat. While it makes sense to place the solar panels in direct sunlight to soak up as much energy as possible, the inverter should be placed in the shade. To keep the inverter cool, you can mount it in the garage or on the side of the house that stays shaded.
  2. Use an Outdoor Enclosure or Cover from the Elements: If your inverter is outside, be sure to use an outdoor enclosure. Some inverters come with a cover that will protect them from outside elements. Do not take this detail for granted.
  3. Do Not Push the Inverter’s Power Limits: If you have an inverter that allows for a certain amount of power, do not try to exceed that limit. Yes, it can be expensive to buy an extra inverter. But if you push the energy limits on your current inverter, the performance will decrease or fail to perform completely.

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