How to Keep Pests Out of Home Storage Areas

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Where do you have storage in your home? Every family has an area that collects long-term storage items, such as holiday decorations, old clothes, and other items that aren’t used on a regular basis. If you have things tucked away in the garage or the attic, then you need to take proactive steps to prevent pest infestations in these areas.Mathews logo

Follow these simple steps right now so that you can avoid an infestation in the future:

Invest in Plastic Storage Bins

Items such as Christmas wreaths or Halloween costumes could be the perfect location for nesting. When a pest finds these items sitting on the shelf, then they might take up residence. Cardboard boxes might be a good solution, but remember that the pests can eat through the cardboard to gain access to the contents. The glue and tape on the cardboard might actually attract pests such as cockroaches or silverfish. A better solution is to use plastic storage bins with tight-fitting lids.

Organize the Closets

It is common for random items to get thrown into the storage area throughout the year. Don’t let the clutter build up over time! Clean out the closet at least once or twice a year to take inventory and get rid of things that won’t be used in the future. Clearing out the clutter decreases the likelihood that you will be dealing with a pest infestation in the storage area.

Never Store Food

Edible decorations might be fun during the holiday time, but you need to get rid of these items before putting everything away. For example, kid’s crafts that involve holiday-themed candy shouldn’t be kept in the storage area. If any of your decorations came in contact with the food, make sure to wash those items before storing them. The scent of the leftover food could bring in mice, rats, and insects looking for a food source.

Cleaning and Prevention

Clearing out the dust and crumbs is essential to keep your home pest-free. While you are cleaning the storage space, look for signs of infestation such as spider webs or rodent droppings. If you notice these signs, then you need to call a pest control company as soon as possible.

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