How to Quickly Flush the Body of Harmful Toxins

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The body has natural functions to eliminate waste and toxins, but over time these systems can slow down. We are exposed to an overload of toxins in the environment, food sources, and more. Eventually, the body has a hard time keeping up with the toxin elimination, and this buildup of toxic waste can lead to disease.Colon Hydrotherapy - How to Detox the Body

How Does the Body Get Rid of Waste?

There are three main organs in the body that eliminate waste: the colon, kidneys, and liver. Every moment of the day, these organs work to remove potentially harmful compounds to protect your health.

Two kidneys, located on the back near the bottom of the ribcage, collect waste that needs to be removed through the urinary system. Kidneys help to balance fluid levels, manage blood pressure, remove drugs and waste from the body, and control the production of red blood cells.

The liver is located on the ride side of the body, beneath the diaphragm. This organ filters the blood and manages the system if harmful compounds are present. The liver makes blood cells, stores iron, removes excess bacteria, regulates cholesterol, balances hormones, breaks down poisons, and prevents blood clots.

Foundation of Detoxing: The Colon

For the liver, kidneys, and other systems in the body to work properly, it is necessary to optimize the function of the colon. The colon is the location where bodily waste is stored before it is eliminated from the body. When the colon is working properly, it evacuates fecal and toxic matter, including bacteria and parasites.

The problem is that our modern diet has negatively impacted the function of the colon. Many people are storing toxins in the digestive system because the body cannot eliminate the waste fast enough. By stimulating colon movement, you can boost the other organs in the body, including the kidneys and liver, which speeds up the cleansing process.

Eliminating waste is foundational to improving your health and wellness. If you want to detox and improve your health, then you should consider the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Contact Cindy Kelly at Alive and Well for more information about how colonics can be used to flush waste out of your body: (951) 501-9977