How to Reduce Mosquitoes in the Yard

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Nothing will put a damper on a summer backyard barbeque faster than an unchecked mosquito problem. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where there are many available solutions to deter these little blood suckers from inviting themselves to the party. Some solutions are natural, and some are artificial. Between the two, you have the tools to keep the mosquito problem at bay. Here are a few low-cost, do-it-yourself solutions to help:

Remove Standing Water and DebrisHow to Reduce Mosquitoes in the Yard

It only takes a little water, dirt, and bio-waste to foster a good mosquito nursery. Given these conditions over a short 1 to 2 weeks, mosquito eggs can successfully mature into bloodthirsty adults. Carefully review your yard and drain any standing water. Possible problem spots may include loose containers, potted plant overflows, drainage catch basins, storm drains, children’s toys, or ground puddles.

Treat Standing Water

If you have a situation in your yard where you can’t drain the water directly, such as a drainage catchment of some kind, consider treating it with a pest control product that kills mosquito larvae.

Use Aerosol or Propane Foggers

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to eliminate the problem by removing all mosquito breeding grounds, because these pests will undoubtedly wander onto your property from elsewhere. If you have a barbeque or backyard activity coming up, talk with a pest control expert about a short duration insecticide treatment. This type of treatment can be applied using aerosol or propane foggers to tree foliage, landscape shrubs, and other shady areas where mosquitos may be lurking. These treatments will subdue mosquitos from a few hours to a few days.

Hire a Mosquito Abatement Professional

If you would like more potent solutions, consider hiring a professional to help out. We are an established pest control company that can offer solutions to keep your home free of all types of pests. We also have equipment that allows us to treat the hard to reach places, such as soffits, gutters –and even trees.

If you would like to discuss solutions about how we can help with pest control for your home and yard, give us a call Mathews Termite and Pest Service today at (951) 751-0885.