Is it Better to Clean Carpets or to Replace Carpets Before Selling a Home?

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Summer is often the time when homeowners put their properties on the market. It is a great opportunity to move to a new location, so the family is settled in before the school year starts in the fall. As you are preparing to sell your home, it is important to work on a few details that will impact the overall appearance and curb appeal of the property.

Home Improvements Before Selling

Making your home look attractive in the real estate listing means that it will be easier to connect with the right buyer. Not only do you need to clean out the closets and rearrange the furniture, but it can also help to work on minor updates. For example, you might choose to upgrade the lighting and plumbing fixtures, repaint the cupboards, and repair any outstanding items on your to-do list.

Even though these projects will cost a little bit of money, it is a great investment. You can optimize your equity as the offers come through.

Carpet: Cleaning or Replacement?

It is important to make sure your floors look good, but don’t jump to conclusions that you have to replace the materials. Often, professional carpet cleaning services can freshen the overall appearance of the carpets, while saving thousands of dollars that you would have spent on replacement carpet.

The truth is that many buyers have specific preferences regarding the color and style of carpet that is installed. Replacing the carpet before selling might be a redundant home improvement project if the buyer decides to change the carpet again.

Instead, cut your costs by investing in a good carpet cleaning service. Then, if the buyer asks about the carpets during negotiations, you have the option to add a “carpet allowance” to sweeten the deal. This strategy can save money overall if the allowance is lower than the price you would have paid for new carpet.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are preparing to put your home on the real estate market, then carpet cleaning should be high on your priority list. This service is also a great solution for families who want to improve the quality of their homes. For more information about these services, talk to the carpet cleaning experts at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning. Call Scott Peterson at (951) 303-1333.