Is it Necessary to Hire a Real Estate Agent for New Construction?

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When you are interested in buying a new home, it might seem logical to talk directly with the builder without engaging a real estate agent. But, skipping the real estate agent could potentially cause problems for your transaction. Instead of working directly with the builder, it is better to hire a real estate agent to help with the home building process.

Establishing a Relationship with the Real Estate AgentReal Estate Agent for New Construction

It is important that you know the right timeline of when you should talk with a real estate agent and when to begin a conversation with a builder. If you start talking to a builder without a real estate agent, then it is likely that you will be pulled into a contract with the builder that eliminates your ability to bring in an independent real estate agent.

Even though it might not seem like a big deal, the truth is that a real estate agent can play a big part in the negotiation process for new construction. You deserve to have a representative there to keep you protected. An experienced real estate agent will be familiar with the home building process, and they will make recommendations to help you avoid common pitfalls that pop up along the way.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent vs. an Agent Provided By the Builder

Some builders might try to convince you that you don’t need a real estate agent because they already have an agent available to help. But, it is important to keep one thing in mind: the builder’s on-site agent is there to represent the interests of the builder, not the customer! If disagreements come up, they might not be the best person to negotiate to help your situation.

Having your own buyer’s agent gives you the opportunity to bring in an outside perspective. They know the common issues of construction, which means that they can ask the right questions to ensure that you will be receiving a high-quality home. Your real estate agent will be an advocate for you during the contract, building, inspection, and closing phases.

If you are ready to buy a new home, then talk to a real estate agent before talking with the builder. For more information, contact Lloyd Mize at Harvest Team Real Estate at (951) 551-1677