Is it Safe to Use the Self-Clean Mode on the Oven?

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Have you seen the self-clean mode on your oven and wondered if it really works? Many people love the idea of hands-off cleaning, but they are skeptical about whether this feature is an effective way to clean the oven.Self Clean Mode on the Oven

Even though it might sound appealing to turn on the oven, walk away, and come back to a sparkly clean appliance, there are a few things that you need to know:

Potential Problems with Self-Cleaning Ovens

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, then you need to understand how it works before trying it. This feature will heat the oven as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit so that the food particles are incinerated. Typically it takes anywhere from three to six hours to complete the cleaning cycle, which means that the energy usage could have an impact on your monthly utility bills.

Many homeowners love the idea of cleaning their oven without using the chemicals that are commonly found in cleaning products. But, you need to know that fumes are still generated by the self-cleaning feature. As the food particles incinerate, carbon monoxide could be created and emitted from the oven. In fact, some oven manufacturers suggest that pet birds need to be taken outside during the cleaning for their safety. If you choose to use the self-cleaning feature, make sure to open the windows and the doors to air out your home as much as possible.

The extreme heat of the self-cleaning feature could potentially damage your oven. Appliance technicians often need to replace electronic parts after they have been damaged by the high temperatures.

Other Alternatives to Clean the Oven

Even though it’s every homeowner’s dream come true to have an oven that is cleaned automatically, sometimes it isn’t the best solution to use the self-cleaning feature. If the thought of cleaning your oven has you thinking, “Woe is me,” you may want to consider the advantages of hiring a cleaning service to help.

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