Is it Time to Replace the Garage Door Opener?

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It is convenient to have the garage door open with the push of a button, and many homeowners feel frustrated if their garage door opener isn’t working. Instead of waiting until the garage door opener breaks, there are several things that you can do keep the door in good condition. One essential step is to watch for potential signs that your door needs to be repaired.

Test the Door OpenerReplace the Garage Door Opener

If nothing happens when you push the button on your garage door opener, it might be easy to assume that your garage is broken. But, don’t jump to conclusion before you do additional tests. For example, try pushing the button on your in-car door opener and the button on the wall near the door that goes from the garage into the home. If one button works and the other doesn’t, then it means that the problem is with the button and not the equipment attached to your garage door.

Listen to the Sound of the Machine

Stand inside your garage and listen closely while the garage door opens and closes. Do you notice any unusual sounds, such as loud screeching or grinding? These sounds could be an indication that something needs to be repaired. Instead of waiting until the door opener breaks down, you can be proactive to repair the problem and avoid the inconvenient repair in the future.

The Door Doesn’t Move, but You Hear the Opener Working

When you push the button, do you notice that the garage door doesn’t open, but the garage door opener is trying to work? If the door is unresponsive, but the opener makes a noise, then the problem might be with the chain or a piece of the opener. The best solution is to bring in a garage door expert to perform an inspection and identify the problem.

Do you need maintenance for your garage door? If you have any of the above problems, then it might be a good time to replace your garage door opener. Precision Garage Door Service is here to help! We offer maintenance and installation of all types of garage doors and door openers. Call us for more information: (951) 331-3254