Is Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Right for Your Business?

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Are you looking for ways to leverage your business to reach higher levels of financial success? One of the most effective ways to diversify your income and build investments for the future is through commercial real estate ownership.

What is Owner-Occupied Real Estate?

Many business owners start their company in an office space obtained through a rental or lease agreement, because they don’t have the cash flow or resources available to purchase office space for the company. But, once your business gains traction and has been profitable for at least two years, you should consider the benefits of buying your own commercial real estate property.

“Owner-occupied” means that your business is located in a building that is owned by yourself. Instead of wasting money on rent payments every month, your monthly payments are going into equity that you are building in the property.

Temecula Commerical Real EstateLeveraging Commercial Real Estate to Increase Cash Flow

One of the biggest advantages to an owner-occupied office space is that you have the opportunity to increase your cash flow by renting out other office units to different companies. For example, you might buy a building with 5 offices, setup your business in one of those offices, and rent out the other 4 to generate more cash flow on a monthly basis.

This strategy is much easier than you might think, and an owner-occupied space can set you up for future financial success. When you buy a commercial real estate space, you can maximize your business to create assets that will be helpful to the company in the future.

More Information about Corporate Real Estate

If you are interested in learning more about owner-occupied real estate, then it is important that you talk with someone who understands the industry. An experienced professional can help you identify the right buildings to consider, and help you to leverage the deal to maximize the benefits that are available.

For more information about purchasing corporate real estate for your business, contact John Grant, owner of Project Management Solutions. His company is focused to help you move to corporate ownership and assist you in finding the right financing solutions to match your individual needs. Call John at (951) 755-0615