Is Your Home Making Your Allergies Worse?

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iStock_000019611860_SmallIn the winter, we tend to work on insulating our homes and keep our windows shut tight. This traps warm air in our houses, and reduces our electric bills. But after a few months, the lack of fresh air circulating in your home can lead to a build-up of dust and allergens. If your allergies seem worse lately, it could be that you’re quite literally allergic to your home!

There are three major allergens that may reside in your home: Animal dander, dust mite matter, and mold.

Animal dander. If you’re allergic to common pets, you probably already know this. But you can actually develop a new allergy at any time, or you may only discover you’re allergic to a pet after you get your first one. In addition to cats and dogs, people can also be allergic to ferrets, birds, and almost any other type of animal except for reptiles. Since dander is found in the hair and feathers of animals, don’t rely on any cleaning method that won’t actually remove the allergen from your home. Sweeping, for example, simply redistributes the allergens. Many vacuums actually cough allergens back out into the air after sucking up the particles, so you may not be cleaning as thoroughly as you think.

Dust mite matter. Are you ready to be grossed out? Dust mites are microscopic insects which feed on your dead skin cells and other components of dust. While the bugs themselves can’t hurt you, you may be allergic to their fecal matter – which is all over your house. If you’re allergic to dust mite matter, or if you suffer from asthma, you should vacuum and dust your home at least on a weekly basis. Purchase dust-proof covers for pillows and mattresses, and consider replacing carpets and curtains with washable throw rugs and window blinds.

Mold. Mold spores can be responsible for anything from a mild allergic reaction to severe illness. Since mold thrives in the presence of moisture, always repair plumbing leaks and clean up the mess promptly. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home, steam clean your carpets, and clean any surfaces affected by mold. Mold can often be a severe problem that requires professional intervention.

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