The Legalities of Paperless Payroll

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Technology has reduced the need to have stacks of paperwork in the office. But, there are still a few printed papers that are necessary to be compliant with payroll laws. Many parts of the payroll process can be completed online, making it easy for businesses to hire a payroll processing company for help.

Mark Rowley, Owner
RandR Payroll Services

As a result, companies often consider the option to go paperless with payroll. Is it legal to use only digital methods for every step of the payroll process?

Federal vs. State Laws

On a federal level, there are no laws that require printed paychecks. But, many states have laws regarding the way the paystubs are delivered. For example, in the state of California, employees need to have access to their paystubs and a way to print the stubs. You don’t necessarily need to print pay stubs for every employee, although some companies choose to distribute printed paystubs to keep it consistent.

You might offer digital payments with direct deposit, but the employees still need the option to print their stubs so that they can have a paper record for each pay period. Direct deposit offers many benefits for employees and employers, so the paycheck can be instantly deposited in an employee’s account. But, some employees might not have bank accounts, which means that you need to offer a printed check option.

Why You Need Payroll Processing Services

The easiest way to ensure that you are following the federal and state payroll laws is to hire a payroll processing company. We make it our highest priority to keep up with changes in the laws, to ensure that all clients are current with their payroll processing.

Not only will you lean on the experience of our expert team, but you don’t have to worry about managing an in-house employee to do the payroll processing. Many business owners find that they can save money and time by outsourcing payroll.

If you need reliable payroll processing services, then R&R Payroll & Bookkeeping Services is here to help. Contact our team to learn more about the ways that we can assist with your payroll processing: (951) 296-0412.