Low Employee Engagement? Management Style Needs to be Addressed

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Employee productivity and engagement provides the foundation for a successful company. As the manager or business owner, you can’t complete all of the necessary tasks each day. Instead, your job is to motivate and guide employees and teams to complete the workload.

If you are struggling to meet goals and milestones, then it is likely an issue with the engagement of your employees. Instead of setting the bar lower, look for ways that you can change management style, which in turn will boost productivity for the whole company.

Jim McLaughlin
Transformational Business Coach

Managers Set the Tone for the Team

When a manager is engaged in the goals and working side-by-side with the employees, then the team will catch a vision of the bigger picture. Poor management style can crush company culture, which results in dissatisfied employees and a bad attitude. On the other hand, good management style can infuse excitement and competition into the team, helping people find the desire to reach higher levels of success.

Managers should lead by example, rather than using negative reinforcement to force behavior. Employees thrive when they feel like they are an important part of the team. People want to carry responsibilities which help to push their careers forward. An effective manager will help employees identify skillsets in the workplace. Then, workflow and projects can be adjusted to match the strengths of each employee.

Changing Management Style to Adapt to the Needs of the Team

If you aren’t getting the results that you desire, then right now is a great time to assess your management style. Look for things that are working, and identify things that need improvement.

An outside perspective can offer a valuable way to assess the real progress that is achieved. Consider tapping into the valuable resources that are available from an experienced coach in the industry. A few tips and changes can go a long way to transform company culture and boost employee engagement.

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