Maidpro Temecula: A Real Life Utopia

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Trish Duarte
MaidPro Franchisee

Having to overcome obstacles is nothing new to Trish Duarte, owner of MaidPro Temecula. If you know her, you know her consistent optimism doesn’t reflect the dark days she has experienced. She put her energy toward creating an environment she calls her modern day utopia; one she says shelters people from a world that can be out of control. Quoted, “The world can be out of control, but we do have control over who we choose to be, and how we treat each other.” She believes that with their hands, and teamwork, they can achieve great things.

She’ll tell you that her clients are the champions of her mission: “To make a difference in the lives of people we serve, and each other.” Everything her MaidPro team does is with that in mind. To further and empower the people who work hard each day, and to serve clients’ needs with love and care. This symbiotic loop helps them make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Clients feel secure knowing she has a rigorous vetting process which includes background screens, drug testing, fingerprinting, and motor vehicle checks. The professionals entering your homes and businesses are trained, and have continuing education. The products they use are safe and eco-friendly.

Although she strives for perfection, she knows that sometimes they can fall short. Her integrity enables MaidPro to be a business that can admit they are human and have occasional shortcomings. They welcome feedback, look at every situation to learn from it, and try to make it right by the client.

MaidPro helps its clients with asthma breathe better, and those with pain and limited mobility to keep a clean home. They help busy parents spend more family time with their kids watching them grow. They help keep their clients’ security and safety top of mind by having each Pro sign privacy agreements, and they each take an oath of service to put integrity and honesty into every decision.

They call their staff “Pro’s” for their professionalism, and they are W2 employees covered by workers comp so clients never have to worry about accidents in their home or business.

Great employees come from happy people. People who are respected and treated well in turn provide great service. MaidPro Temecula offers its employees retirement with matching contributions for part-time and full-time employees. For Trish, it is important that her staff know that their current work supports their future as well. They receive paid vacation so they can have time off to rest and recharge. They, and their family, receive Teladoc services so they can call a doctor 24 hours a day and get help when needed. There are group activities like comedy night, baby showers, holiday celebrations, birthdays, and more. They work hard, laugh, cry, and grow together as one.

One of her previous employees was going to school, graduated with a degree in psychology, and is now helping homeless communities in our valley. Another completed a nursing degree, and is now helping keep our community healthy and well. Others are single moms who are supported by their work to be present in their children’s lives. She says she’s a stop along the way for some, and a home for others.

Trish’s clients are the heroes of a real life utopia! One where they support a local business that provides a service with care, who in turn encourages and uplifts those who work there. It’s a beautiful relationship that Trish is grateful for each and every day. MaidPro Temecula has been here for 15 years, and Trish looks forward to serving it proudly for another 15.