Make Valentine’s Day Special with a Solar Panels Installation

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If you choose to go solar, you will always remember Valentine’s Day 2023 as the time that you finally took the plunge into solar energy. You’ll catch yourself wondering why you didn’t make the change sooner. As more and more homeowners take charge of their energy savings, you can join them by choosing solar panels for your home.

What makes solar energy so desirable? We will discuss a few reasons why now is a better time than ever to go solar.

5 Benefits of Going Solar in 2023

Power your home with energy from the sun, a renewable energy source. By pairing solar panels with battery storage, you will always have access to electricity when you need it the most.

Here are the top benefits of choosing solar energy for your home:

  1. Solar Tax Credits: The government offers solar tax credits to anyone who installs solar panels in 2023. You will receive a 30% solar federal tax credit, reducing your investment by 30%. Battery storage is included in the tax credit, so you can find the benefits of solar panels combined with battery storage.
  2. Bonuses from the Power Company: As you use solar panels to provide electricity in your home, you will use less electricity from your power company. Most energy companies offer incentives for using less power, so you will receive bonuses for your reduced energy output.
  3. Freedom from Inflated Prices: The power company has complete control over how much you must pay to keep your home warm, lit up, and refrigerator cold. Take your energy bill into your own hands by using energy from the sun.
  4. Power During a Blackout: You can be the only house on the street with power during a city-wide blackout. Power outages make you feel powerless, emotionally and physically. You just want to keep your family safe, fed, and warm. Solar panels can help.
  5. Better Environmental Impact: Solar panels contribute to the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by accessing solar energy.

If solar is on your mind, take the first step to learn about the size and placement you’ll need for your home. A trusted solar team can help.

Our team at New Day Solar has answers to your solar questions. Learn about the benefits you can seek now. In addition, the installation process is streamlined and stress-free. Call for a consultation with a solar professional at (855) 444-6329.