Mice in the House? Get Rid of Them Immediately

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Even though they are small in size, mice can cause serious damage when they move into your home. These rodents adapt to a new environment quickly and cause problems and health concerns for everyone in the building.

Not only is it possible to get rid of the mice, but you can also be proactive about preventing a full infestation. Plus, it’s smart to implement pest control strategies that help to prevent rodents in your home in the future.

Tips for a Problem with Mice

If you notice signs of mice in the house, then follow these best tips from professional pest control experts:

  • Early Detection: Watch for the earliest signs of rodents so you can take action as soon as possible. Common signs include droppings, as well as gnaw marks on wooden surfaces and food items.
  • Seal Your Home: Hire a pest control team to find and seal any entry points into your home. Even a gap as small as a dime can be enough for a mouse to get inside. Replace loose weather stripping and mortar if needed.
  • Food Storage: Keep food in airtight containers, especially when stored in storage rooms or the pantry.
  • Clutter: Eliminate clutter because these areas can attract pests who are looking for a place to nest.

If there are signs of a mouse in the house, then the most important thing you can do is call a pest control team. These rodents can reproduce quickly, leading to a full infestation that can be costly to repair. Keep in mind that a mouse infestation won’t go away on it’s own… in fact, it will get worse when left untreated.

Professional Rodent Control Services in Temecula

When you call our expert team, we offer full-service solutions to get rid of rodents and insects in and around your home. Not only do we treat the main living areas, but we can also assist with crawl spaces, attics, and more.

Call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service for immediate services and preventive pest control services. You can reach our expert team at (951) 233-7697. We are always here to help with projects both large and small.