Missed Open Enrollment? How to Get Insurance Coverage for 2018

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Open Enrollment usually occurs at the end of a calendar year, giving families the option to choose insurance coverage for the next year. Whether you were enrolling in Marketplace health insurance or you were choosing a plan through your employer, it is likely that you needed to enroll by the end of 2017 for coverage in 2018.

Jonathan Nolan, JPN Insurance

If you missed the deadline, does it mean that you are out of options for coverage this year? No! There are several things that you can do if you want to have insurance for your family in 2018:

Look for Special Enrollment Opportunities

Certain changes in your household or life circumstances open opportunities to sign up for insurance. These common life events include:

  • Change in Marital Status: Whether you got married or separated from your spouse, a change in marital status qualifies you to pick a new insurance plan. For marriage, you have until the last day of the month to sign up. In the case of separation or divorce, the opportunity is only available if you lost coverage because of a change in the relationship.
  • New Baby: Having a baby, taking a foster child, or adopting a child gives you a window of time for insurance enrollment. You will have 60 days from the birth or adoption to get the coverage that is needed.
  • Death: If someone on the insurance plan dies, making you ineligible for your current plan, then you have the opportunity to choose new coverage.

Other life events might qualify as well, such as moving to a new house, becoming a US citizen, or losing coverage because of loss of a job.

Other Insurance Options

If you aren’t expecting a qualifying life event, then you might be able to sign up for other insurance coverage. The best thing that you can do is discuss your options with an experienced insurance agent. Choices might include short-term health insurance, retirement insurance supplements, limited-plan benefits, accident coverage, and more.

Do you need additional information? JPN Insurance Services is here to answer your questions. Contact us to learn about the best insurance coverage for this year: (951) 443-9925