Moving Out? 3 Reasons for Carpet Cleaning

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Do you have a to-do list that needs to be finished when you are moving out of an apartment or home? Whether you are buying a new home or you are moving to a new rental, it is important that you are proactive about caring for the carpets. In many situations, it is necessary to hire professional carpet cleaners before handing over the keys. Here are three reasons why you should call the pros instead of attempting DIY carpet cleaning:

Property Management Requirements

In many cases, property management or rental companies require that the carpets are professionally cleaned between tenants. Often, this requirement is written into your contract, which means that you need to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company so that you don’t forfeit your deposit. Talk to your property manager to see if you need to schedule the cleaning or if they will handle the carpet cleaning after you move.

Pet Odors and Stains

Did you have pets in the apartment? If there is a lingering odor, then it is essential that you take care of the messes that were left in the carpet. Even if you don’t notice the smell, it is common for pet owners to adjust to the scent. Bringing in a carpet cleaning team will eliminate the odors and any stains on the carpets.

Preparing for New Tenants

If you are the property owner, then it is important to make sure that the new tenants will be comfortable and happy in the apartment. Cleaning the carpet gets rid of stains and other issues that might be present in the carpets. It is wise to ensure that carpet cleaning is at the top of your to-do list, which means that you should call an expert in the industry. You can be sure that your new tenants are happy with the apartment, increasing the likelihood that they will stay in the apartment for a while.

Are you moving soon? Or do you own a rental property? If the apartment is being vacated, then it is time to call a carpet cleaning company. Talk to Scott Peterson at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning: (951) 303-1333.