Myths and Facts about Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Do you know the best way to care for the quality of your carpets? It is easy to be misled by myths in the carpet cleaning industry. If you want to maintain the quality of your flooring, then it is important that you work with an experienced carpet cleaning team on a regular basis. Here are a few myths and facts that you need to know:

Myth: It is Best to Wait a Long Time Between Carpet Cleanings

Some people are worried about the wear and tear on the carpet fibers from the carpet cleaning machines. But, the truth is that the carpets will wear out faster if you wait too long between cleaning appointments. Waiting a long time increases the potential for the build-up of dirt, allergens, food, bacteria and more. Your carpet is basically a sponge that holds everything in. So, you need to remove the contaminants with regular carpet cleaning.

Fact: Professional Carpet Cleaning is Better than DIY Machines

Yes, you can rent a carpet cleaner from the local store. But, these machines are different than the equipment used by an experienced team. Professional carpet cleaning equipment is more powerful, giving you better results. Not only will you protect your carpet, but you can rest assured to know that your carpets are cleaner after hiring a professional cleaning team.

Myth: The Carpet Doesn’t Look Dirty, So It Doesn’t Need to be Cleaned

Certain colors and styles of carpet hide the soil better than others. Just because the carpets look good, doesn’t mean that there isn’t dirt and grime that needs to be removed. These particles act in an abrasive manner and damage the carpets. So, regular carpet cleaning is necessary to prevent early wear and tear on your flooring.

Fact: All Types of Carpets Need to Be Cleaned

Even if you splurged for “stain resistant” carpets, you still need to have them cleaned. Certain protectants can be added to the carpet fibers to reduce the long-term spots that can happen from spills. Carpet cleaning services can help to maintain the quality of your carpets to provide the long-term results that you need.

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