New Year’s Resolutions to Keep a Tidy Home

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Many people like to use January as a fresh start to plan new goals and resolutions for the New Year. Do you have goals to keep your home clean and decluttered this year? Putting together a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to make sure that you are staying ahead of the mess. Here are a few tips:

Touch Everything OnceNew Year Home Cleaning Tips

The “one touch” technique reduces the amount of clutter in your home, making it easier to keep everything organized. Each time you have something in your hands that needs to be put away, make sure that you are proactive to put it in the right place instead of setting it somewhere else. For example, when you bring in the mail, sort through everything immediately instead of setting it on the counter to deal with it later.

Clean Up Throughout the Day

It can feel overwhelming to clean up a mess that has accumulated over the period of a week. Instead of waiting until the entire sink is full of dishes, make time to rinse the dishes throughout the day and put them straight into the dishwasher. Look for other small tasks that can be done in all areas of your home to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done when you are deep cleaning.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

There are many advantages to ensuring that you have the right tools to make your cleaning tasks easier. For example, instead of getting on your hands and knees with a rag to clean the floor, invest in a good mop to make it easier.

Schedule Time for Deep Cleaning

There is a difference between picking up the clutter and deep cleaning your home. Once the clutter is cleared, schedule time every week to deep clean a section of your home. Tasks such as mopping the floors, wiping door handles and plate switches, cleaning out the fridge, and scrubbing the toilets are important and they shouldn’t be neglected. By putting together a schedule, it is much easier to be consistent in keeping your home clean and comfortable.

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