No Need to Clean Up Before the Cleaning Company Comes

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In the cleaning business, we see different types of clients. Some homes are tidy, but would like extra help with full deep cleaning each month. Others are busy households that have rotating services every other week. Some prefer weekly maintenance to stay ahead of the germs, and to keep areas neat and organized.

MaidPro’s goal is to provide personalized support to each of our clients in the way that fits best with their life and budget. The one thing you shouldn’t have to do is clean before the cleaners. The distinction is picking up vs. cleaning up.

Should You Pick Up Before the Cleaners Come?

  • Deep Cleaning Focus: In some circumstances, it might make sense to pick up a little bit if you want the cleaners to focus on deep cleaning. For example, if you are looking for help with deep cleaning the kitchen, then having the dishes cleared out of the way lets the cleaners get to the heavy-duty work right away.
  • Advanced Notice: When the mess is bigger than normal, you might consider giving the cleaning crew a heads up before we come. This notice allows us to prepare with extra time to ensure we can complete the work in the allotted time. For example, when hiring cleaners after a big family party, let us know that extra time will be needed to clean up the after party remnants.
  • Full-Service Solutions: Our team can help with small cleaning tasks and large projects – everything from dusting blinds to wiping down baseboards. It’s up to you to decide the level of cleaning services you’d like, and we will work hard to accommodate your needs.

Picking up before the cleaners come can clear the way to achieve a more thorough clean – such as picking up the toys on the floor so the cleaners can focus on vacuuming. But it’s never a requirement to clean before the clean.

If you are searching for quality home cleaning services, we’d love to receive your call. MaidPro of Temecula / Murrieta: (951) 506-6100.