One Merchant Account to Integrate All Business Systems

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Have you found an all-encompassing solution so that your business tools work together to simplify daily, weekly, and monthly processes? If you are using multiple tools for your company, then it is essential that these systems are integrated to avoid duplicate calculations or manual work. Setting up the right system could save you thousands of hours of work time, freeing up your employees to focus on other productive tasks.

Payment Processing and Business Systems

One example that you need to consider is the way your payment processing system integrates with all parts of your business. A good payment processing service will make it easy for you to receive payments from customers. The right integrated system will reduce the risk that you encounter tech problems when you are trying to process a payment.

Here are a few business systems that should work hand-in-hand with your payment processing system:

  • Point of Sale: Whether you have a restaurant or a retail store, a point of sale system is the place where you receive payments for the products that are purchased. If you’ve been using a point of sale system for many years, then you might be paying more than necessary for the rates on these transactions. Look at newer options to see if you can save money on the credit card fees.
  • Online Sales: Most businesses offer website payment options in addition to in-store purchases. E-Commerce is the perfect example to consider. Or, service-based providers, such as lawyers or doctors, might also provide an online bill payment option. This online sale system should be integrated with your main merchant processing service.
  • Bookkeeping System: Are you using software to track the transactions that are moving through your company? Look for a payment processing system that can be integrated with your bookkeeping records. This integration will pull in the transactions that need to be recorded in your accounting files. Not only will you save time with data entry, but the automated system also reduces the risk of manual errors.

If you aren’t happy with the ways that your payment processor connects with your business systems, then it might be time to make a change. Learn more about the benefits of a quality merchant account by talking to Rick Johnson at National Merchant Services: 888-891-0811