A Pest Control Pro Can Help with These Cockroach Problems

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Have you recently discovered a few cockroaches in your home? These invasive pests can be hard to eliminate, especially if you delay pest control services. Many homeowners attempt a DIY approach and then end up calling the experts because the problem just gets worse.

Here are a few reasons why cockroaches can be so hard to eliminate… and why you need to talk to an experienced pest control specialist:

  • Cockroaches Fit in Small Gaps: The tiniest gaps in your doors or windows could be an entry point for cockroaches. Smaller cockroaches can squeeze through spaces the thickness of a dime.
  • Cockroaches are Speedy: Have you tried to chase a cockroach down to smash it with a shoe? These pests can move quickly, making it hard to catch them.
  • Cockroaches are Fast Breeders: Even though you’ve only seen two or three around the house, it is a sign that you could have a looming problem on your hand. One cockroach can carry up to 40 eggs, and they only need 3 weeks for incubation. The numbers multiply fast over the course of a few months.
  • Cockroaches are Hard to Kill: These insects sometimes seem to be indestructible. Did you know that a cockroach can live several weeks without their heads since they breathe through openings in their bodies?
  • Cockroaches Carry Germs: Since the insects often feed on garbage, sewers, and bathrooms, they can track in bacteria and germs that will make you sick. It has been found that cockroaches carry serious contaminants such as E. coli, parasites, and salmonella.
  • Cockroaches Feed on Anything: Most people clean to eliminate potential food sources that the cockroaches might eat. The problem is that these insects will eat other items such as book bindings, cardboard, dead trees, and more. It is very difficult to remove all food sources that might be in or around your home.

Just because cockroaches are hard to eliminate, doesn’t mean that you need to live with these pests in your home. An experienced pest control team can help you get rid of the problem and improve the quality of your living space.

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