Have Pests Moved into the Attic?

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It can be unnerving to hear something scurrying in the attic when you know that no one is up there. These sounds might sound like the boogie man, but they are often a simple problem to fix: pests. If you live in an older home, then there is a chance that the sealing has worn down, opening up areas where the pests can move into the rafters.

Why Do Pests Like the Attic?

Wild animals are often looking for spaces where they can care for their offspring and get out of the weather. Many times, animals dig under places for shelter, such as near rocks, tree roots, or bushes. Other times, they will build nests in the trees or on overpasses to stay out of the rain.

The attic of a home is an appealing spot for pests because it is a safe place to live away from the weather conditions. Rodents aren’t the only potential offenders… birds, insects, and other creepy things could move in as well.

What To Do if You Hear Something in the Attic

If you hear something in the attic, what should you do? It might be tempting to climb up there to eliminate the problem yourself. But, you need to consider the possible danger to your health. Not only will you come in contact with the waste from the animals that could cause illness, but you are also risking possible bites or stings from the intruder.

For example, if wasps have made a home in the attic, then you could be facing many stings if you approach the hive. Or, rodents can get aggressive if you get too close. Instead of risking your health, it is better to let a professional pest control team handle the removal for you.

Prevention is the Best Solution

Instead of waiting for an infestation, consider the benefits of calling the pest control company right now for prevention. We can check the home to identify potential areas where pests might come inside. There are many options that can be used to keep your home and family protected from an infestation.

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