Pet Therapy Benefits for Elderly Care

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Did you know that pets are beneficial for more than just companionship? Researchers have found a direct connection between pet ownership and general health and wellness in elderly patients. As a result, many elderly care health professionals encourage their patients to get a pet, because pet ownership can offer needed companionship and health support at the same time.

What is Pet Therapy?Pet Therapy for Elderly Care

Pets can actually be used as a form of treatment for people of all ages, and pet therapy is becoming more common for elderly patients. The purpose of pet ownership is to provide companionship for the person. At the same time, it is possible that the pet ownership can assist with cognitive, emotional, and even social functioning for the person.

Pet therapy is becoming more common for in-home elder care, and it is also offered in a number of residential facilities and care centers. Most people have small house animals such as a cat or dog, although some forms of pet therapy utilize farm animals as well.

When an animal is used for pet therapy, it typically goes through specific training to be sure that it has the proper obedience skills needed to assist the patient.

How Can a Pet Help with Elderly Care?

Researchers have found a number of health benefits associated with pet ownership. When an elderly patient has a pet, it is possible for the person to experience decreased stress levels, reduced blood pressure, improved communication, and help with motor skills. Pet ownership gives the person a sense of responsibility, pets can help with depression, and the animal can also be beneficial to encourage the person to exercise.

One of the biggest benefits of pet ownership is to help the person feel needed. As a person ages, it is common for them to feel out of place since they no longer feel needed by family and friends. But, the responsibility of pet ownership provides them the companionship that they desire, and they feel like they are needed to care for the well-being of the animal.

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