Is it Possible to Sell a Home During the Holiday Season?

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Lloyd Mize
Lloyd Mize Realty Group

The holiday season is upon us, and many homeowners are focused on the parties and events that will be shared with family and friends. It is a fun time of year to connect with the people that you love! But, should you put your personal goals on the back burner if you have too much going on with the holidays?

Some people have the goal to sell their home or move before the end of the year. But, they are worried about how the timing will affect their home value. Even though the holiday season is a busy time of year, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have success listing your home on the real estate market.

Low Inventory Opens Up Opportunities

The real estate market inventory has been low this year, and it is anticipated that inventory will continue to drop through the end of the year. Many people assume that they should wait until January to list their properties because they don’t want to worry about home tours and closing paperwork during this season.

So, you have the opportunity to sell your home during a time that typically doesn’t have a lot of properties available for buyers. Even though inventory is low, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any buyers. In fact, some people are feeling the pressure to buy right away if they need to get settled for a new job or due to a change in their relationship status.

Home Trends Throughout the Year

There are times when homes sell faster than others. But, people buy and sell homes all year long. So, don’t think that you need to wait until the New Year if you want to upgrade to a nicer home for your family. Right now is a great opportunity to take advantage of the high real estate prices so that you can maximize your equity.

Plus, you might find that potential buyers have more time to look at homes. If people are off work for the holiday celebrations, then they might spend the extra time looking at homes.

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