Simple Ways to Protect Home Delivered Packages

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Online shopping is common, making it easier than ever to do your holiday shopping without leaving the house. Consumers love the simplicity of ordering online and then having a package show up on the doorstep a few days later.

As the prevalence of online shopping increases so does the risk that those packages might be stolen. Thieves often target package deliveries during the holiday season. If your packages are left unattended on the doorstep for any length of time, then you might risk the theft of the Christmas presents.

Here are a few things that you might consider to protect your packages with a good home security system:

  • Install a Smart Doorbell: This tool can be used to watch the porch and communicate with people who are visiting. You can check the camera to see the delivery person, and even provide instructions about where the package should be placed.
  • Use Smart Locks: With the right locking system, you can manage the lock from your smartphone. When you receive a package delivery notification while you are away from home, then you might ask a neighbor to put the package in your house. You can unlock the doors to provide access, then lock the doors again after the package is safe.
  • Video Surveillance: Ongoing video surveillance of your porch and yard can help you see who is near your home. If thieves see that security cameras are in use, then the cameras can help to deter the theft.

The best solution is to use a good security system. But, there are a few other options to consider if you don’t have these security measures in place. For example, you could have the package sent to your workplace or delivered to a friend who is home during the day. Another option is to require a signature for the package delivery, to ensure that the boxes aren’t left on the front porch if someone isn’t home.

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