Protect the Environment by Switching to Paperless Payroll

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With the prolific increase in commerce, transportation, and industry over the last 100 years, the environment has taken a significant amount of abuse. If your business payroll system has a large paper footprint, it may be time to consider switching to an electronic, paperless payroll system. Modern technology has allowed us to do most transactions online, and business processes have been significantly improved as a result of computer and internet technologies. Here are two reasons why it makes environmental sense for you to switch to paperless payroll now:

Reduce Payroll Administration CostsPaperless Payroll Benefits

It is estimated that for a typical small business with ten employees, the annual paper resources required to print checks, stubs, statements and envelopes amounts to nearly 12 reams of paper. That’s about 58 pounds of paper every year! The environmental cost to make, distribute, use, and dispose of this paper is estimated to be about 48 pounds of carbon gases and almost 2,100 gallons of water.  If you add up the financial costs of this paper, plus toner, postage, and miscellaneous other costs, you are unnecessarily spending an average of $500. And we haven’t even discussed labor costs required to handle the processing and filing of all that paper, not to mention the ongoing storage costs. It scales up accordingly.

Preserve our Natural Resources

We sometimes forget that the environment is a living system that we need to protect. In our way, all of us can help care for our home planet. If you are in a position to influence your company to move to a paperless payroll system, choose to move in that direction! Checks, pay stubs, and payroll statements squander our precious resources. It may be a little or a lot of paper that you save, but everything counts. Our natural resources and our environment will thank you.

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