Questions to Ask before Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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There is no doubt that a professional carpet cleaning company will do a better job compared to a do-it-yourself attempt. When you hire the experts to clean your carpet, they will bring the best equipment and many years of experience to your home.home perfect logo

If it is time to get your carpets cleaned, then you need to do some research to find a company that you want to hire. Here are a few questions to ask before agreeing to the carpet cleaning service:

What Type of Training Did You Receive?

Anyone can rent a carpet cleaning machine, but there are technical skills required for the use of professional machines and cleaning solutions. Your carpet will be impacted by the pH value of the cleaning solution, the temperature of the water, and other factors. To protect your home, make sure that you hire a carpet cleaning company with professional certifications.

Our company is a certified firm with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). This is a volunteer based program since it is not a requirement for carpet cleaners to be certified. We send our technicians to 2-4 day classes to learn about the different materials and cleaning methods so they can be the best in the field. Our company is certified in carpet cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, color repair, water damage, fire damage, and microbial remediation. When researching companies you want a company that has a great reputation and a strong guarantee. Our guarantee is if you’re not happy with the cleaning, we will gladly reclean any areas you are concerned with. If you are still unhappy with the cleaning, you can call any carpet cleaner you want and if they do a better job, we will pay their bill.

How Safe is Your Cleaning System?

When the carpets are treated with a cleaning solution, you need to make sure that the ingredients will be safe for your family. This question is very important if you have small pets or children crawling around on the floor. Ask about the type of equipment that is used and cleaning solutions added to the system.

We use truck mounted hot water extraction units. These units are top of the line systems and approved systems by the carpet and rug institute. Hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” is the only recommended cleaning method by the carpet and rug institute and the only method that will maintain the warranty of the carpet.

What is the Cost of the Service

Make sure that you get a fixed price before they start working. Ask if there are any hidden fees or extra costs that will be added to the final bill. Knowing the cost in advance will help you see if it is a fair price for the services that are offered.

Some homeowners like to call around to receive quotes from several carpet companies. If you are comparing multiple prices, then you need to make sure that the services are equal. For example, one company might have a higher price, but they offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safer for your family.

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