Quick Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During the Pandemic

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This summer we’re all spending a lot more time at home than we’d like. If you’re like most of us, your house is bound to have more messes to clean, floors to mop, and laundry to wash. It’s just a part of everyday living during these unusual times! Here are several ways you can stay ahead of the house cleaning during the socially distant summer:


Kids and pets can dirty a floor faster than you can blink. Coming and going from the backyard into the house can trek a lot of dirt, and debris. If you haven’t already done so, slow the rate of mess by banning shoes from being worn in the house. Did you know that there are 421,000 bacteria on the soles of our shoes including Salmonella and fecal matter? This one change will go a long way in reducing the frequency of floor cleaning, and increasing sanitation of your home. Vacuuming and mopping once a week will take care of the rest.

Trash and Kitchen Sink Management

Being at home will generate more garbage and dirty dishes. If you want to keep odors under control, then you’ll want to take out the trash regularly and wash up after each meal. Did you know that your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than your toilet? It’s a strange but true fact that bacteria like E. Coli feed on food particles in that moisture rich environment. Be sure to scrub down the kitchen sink with disinfectant to maintain sanitary conditions for your family.


Laundry is a seemingly never-ending chore, especially in the summer months. Stay organized by setting up a system to push laundry through each week. Pick a day and make it happen. Or do one load every day as a matter of routine. Some families assign their older children to assist with this task.


Toilets should be scrubbed at least once a week. But while we’re all at home more right now, you might want to clean them twice. A quick wipe down of the sink, counter tops, and mirrors will go a long way in keeping order. You can clean the shower as needed, but make sure it happens at least two times a month. More often, if you shower more frequently or notice a tinge of mildew or hard water buildup.

When You’re in Too Deep

If the mess has become more than you’d like to handle alone, call Trish Duarte at MaidPro of Temecula / Murrieta: (951) 506-6100 for some help. Our cleaners are working safely by wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from others.