Upgrade Options to Reduce the Noise from the Garage Door

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How loud is it every time the garage door opens and closes? If you can hear the rumbling throughout the house, then it might be time to invest in a few renovations that will decrease the noise from the garage door. Improving your garage door system can help you sleep soundly at night, even when other people are coming home after you’ve gone to bed.

There are two sources of noise when the garage door is opening: the moving parts on the door and the opener that controls the motion of the door. Consider these details if you want to reduce the noise when the door opens and closes:

Garage Door Maintenance

When the metal components are rubbing together, it increases the sounds as the door is moving. There are many components that can be squeaky, grating, or loud: the springs, tracks, hinges, chains, and rollers. Add lubricant on the moving pieces to decrease the friction. Be careful to use the right products designed for garage door maintenance. Also, excess oil should be wiped away with an old rag.

Another important step is to make sure that all bolts and nuts are tightened down. Inspect the tracks and rollers to see if you can find any signs that they are worn or damaged.

Garage Door Opener

If you are still using a chain-driven garage door opener, then it might be time to upgrade the system with a motor that moves the door with a belt. Getting rid of the chain helps to decrease the metal sounds that are heard when the opener is active.

Some of the newer openers are designed with whisper technology. Even though the system needs to move a heavy door, the components are created to minimize the sounds as much as possible, helping you maintain a peaceful, quiet home. These simple steps help to create the comfortable ambiance that you desire.

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