Safety Measures Taken by Solar Companies During These Unprecedented Times

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As businesses continue through the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond, a “new normal” is being established in the way companies provide their services. Social distancing is slowing many industries, but companies are thinking outside the box for ways to continue offering services, while protecting the safety of both employees, customers and their family’s.

Many people are working from home, making it more desirable than ever to have access to clean energy as a way to offset rising utility bills. If you’ve been thinking about solar for your home, then now might be the perfect time to move forward with this investment!

Safety and Solar Installations

Steps are being implemented to ensure your safety during the consultation and solar installation. For example, a solar consultation can be held in your yard, with a mask and recommended 6-feet distancing. We can evaluate the placement of your solar panels and provide recommendations in a way that protects your family and minimizes exposure.

Additionally, virtual consultations are available using phone and video. You can ask questions and talk to a solar expert about energy solutions for your home without the need to meet face-to-face. From learning what solar can do for you and your family, to site assessment, through signing a contract, it all can be done completely through an online experience with one of our friendly sales consultants.

Adjustments are being made in the way permits are accessed and granted for construction. Many documents can be e-signed and digital proposals can be used to provide information about the solar agreement, design plans, and system information, all done by using our computers.

Extra Precautions to Protect Your Family

We are working hard to stay current with recommendations from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and local government mandates. At this time, our installers are wearing masks, gloves and booties, if they need to enter your home.   We continue to adjust our procedures to provide high-quality services while maintaining the health and safety of our employees and customers.

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) and the Department of Homeland Security, solar falls in the category of an essential service.  Our Company is continuing to provide support to our customers, and if you’ve ever considered going solar, you can get started today with a free online solar consultation.

Our team at New Day Solar is here to support the needs of our current and potential customers. Contact us to learn more about the ways your family will benefit from solar: (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at:  We will show you how you can reduce or potentially eliminate your electric bill and take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit for solar.