Safety Tips When Operating a Garage Door

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boringLogoDid you know that June is garage door safety month? This reminder is a good opportunity to evaluate the safety practices that are being used when the garage door is in operation. Most homes have a garage door, which could be a source of danger if certain safety guidelines aren’t followed.

Here are a few tips to protect your family when the garage door is moving up and down:

  • Keep Openers Out of Reach: Kids love to push buttons, so it is easy to see why the garage door opener can be a temptation. Keep those remotes out of reach to avoid a situation where kids are playing with the garage door. Wall-mounted controls should also be high enough that kids can’t reach the button. The general recommendation is 5 feet off the ground.
  • Watch the Movement of the Garage: If the garage door is in motion, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the movement of the door until it is finished. Look for animals or people who might try to exit the garage while the door is in motion.
  • Avoid Moving Parts: Always keep fingers and hands away from the moving parts of the garage door. If the door is in motion, then it shouldn’t be touched.
  • Move Away from the Door: If the door is opening or closing, no one should be standing under the door. Many modern garage door openers have sensors that reverse the movement if someone is standing underneath when the garage is closing. But, the older door openers don’t have these systems, which means that the door could crush a person standing below.
  • Don’t Run Under the Door: Have you ever played the game of running under the garage door before it closes? Whether you are trying to push the button on the wall and then run outside, or you are running into the garage while the door is closing, it can be a dangerous activity.
  • Keep Up with Maintenance: Regular maintenance is a good way to avoid broken parts that can lead to injury. Schedule semi-annual maintenance appointments to lubricate the hinges, springs, and rollers. This inspection is also important to identify any potential problems.

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