Simple Cleaning Resolutions that Will Transform a Home

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Here’s the thing: setting new resolutions for a neat and tidy house is admirable. But if your commitments are too far-reaching, you’ll fall woefully short of your goal. It’s better to keep perspective by breaking down house cleaning jobs into manageable, bite-sized bits that you can work on as you go along. And the truth is, some simple changes to your cleaning routine can make a huge difference.

Here are some small but impactful changes that will go a long way in helping you get on top of the housework this year:

Make Your Bed

Bed making is nothing new, but doing it can make a cluttered room look significantly cleaner. The bed is a large part of a bedroom’s real estate, so it makes sense that for a small amount of effort, you get a large visual and psychological benefit of having a little more order in your space.

Take Advantage of Cleaning Product Power

Pre-treating surfaces with the appropriate cleaning spray 10 minutes before a scrub down can minimize the elbow grease required to get the job done right. If you make this a priority, you won’t hardly need to scrub at all. You’ll simply just be wiping things clean.

Bathrooms Should Be Cleaned Weekly

Making bathroom cleanup part of your weekly routine ensures that the place never gets so dirty that cleaning it becomes really unpleasant. Rather, a quick toilet and shower scrub, swept floor, and a wipe down of mirrors and counters will be enough to keep the room in great shape.

Use a Silicone Oven Liner

Want to minimize the pain of cleaning your oven? With a silicone mat, you can virtually eliminate the need to ever do the grubby job again. Spring for a dishwasher safe mat variety and place it on the bottom of your oven floor for simplified clean up forevermore.

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