Simple Home Improvements to Boost Property Value

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Are you are getting ready to sell your home? It may be a good idea to spruce up your home a bit, to maximize the selling price and appeal to potential buyers.  Here are a few simple home improvements you can do right now to boost your property value:

Basic MaintenanceReal Estate Home Improvements for Property Value

Care and maintenance of a house are a basic homeowner responsibility. Failing to handle the maintenance upkeep can disproportionately reduce the home sale price. If you have any basic maintenance work that needs handling, be sure to do it before listing your home. This maintenance may include such things as patching holes in the drywall, fixing that small leak in the roof, treating any mold buildup, replacing any wood rot, or repairing the gutter drainage pan that fell off the house last year. Buyers are looking for a home that has been well maintained and is a healthy environment to live, and they will carefully scrutinize for evidence of both.

Paint Refresh

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in brightening and renewing the appeal of a home. Do a walk-through of your home and consider which rooms could use a new paint job. The kitchen, in particular, can benefit from a coat of fresh paint because of the emphasis that buyers place on it when evaluating the purchase of a home. Be sure to use neutral colors that will appeal to most potential buyers.

Remodel the Kitchen or Bathroom

If your kitchen or bathrooms are outdated or in need of rework, it may well be worth the time and money to remodel them since these rooms can have a significant impact on the sale price. The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, and people want to feel comfortable in that space. Bathrooms are also important because people want clean and fresh facilities for their families use. Just be sure not to overdo the remodel! If you choose to install a deluxe kitchen that doesn’t match the rest of the house or neighborhood, it can detract from your asking price.

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