Simple Tips to Increase the Efficiency of an Air Conditioner

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Are you staying cool in this hot summer weather? When it is hot outside, it is essential that you are proactive to maintain a cool home so that you can be comfortable throughout the day. The problem is that energy costs continue to increase. As a result, your utility bills get more and more expensive with time.Increase the Efficiency of an Air Conditioner

You don’t have any control over the billing rates for the electric company. But, you do have control over the amount of electricity that you are using in your home. Here are a few tips to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner so that you can reduce the use of the cooling unit during the day:

Check the Air Conditioner Housing

Look at the area where the air conditioner is housed to ensure that it is clean. If debris has built up around the unit, then it might reduce the performance of your air conditioner. Clean up bird feathers, leaves, and any other things that have collected.

Change the Air Filters

Dirty air filters can slow the circulation of air throughout your home. It is best to clean the filters regularly. Even with consistent cleaning, the filters will need to be changed at certain intervals. Talk with an air conditioner expert to learn more about the best maintenance schedule for your unit.

Keep the Air Conditioner Shaded

Does your air conditioner get a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day? The U.S. Department of Energy has said that energy usage can go up by as much as 10% if the air conditioner is in direct sunlight. If your unit isn’t shaded by the house or a tree during the hottest parts of the day, then you should consider the benefits of installing a cover to block the sun.

Adjust the Thermostat

When you leave the house for the day, bump up the temperature settings by a few degrees. Each degree of change can save you up to 9% of energy usage during that hour.

Regular maintenance and care are essential to keep your air conditioner in good condition. Call an expert for help with your air conditioner tune-up. Our technicians here at Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning are available to help. Contact our team to set up an appointment at (951) 375-6856.