Simple Ways to Use the Garage Door to Spread Holiday Cheer

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As you are pulling out the storage boxes with holiday décor, have you considered options to decorate the garage door? It is common for homeowners to put Christmas lights, wreaths, and other décor on the outside of the home. These decorations spread holiday cheer to those passing by in the street and on the sidewalk.

If you want to increase your efforts this year, consider the option to decorate the garage door. This door is a prominent feature on your home, making it visible to those who come to visit your family.

Options for Garage Door Décor

Here are a few options that you might consider if you want to decorate the garage door for the holiday season:

  • Banners: Create DIY banners or buy premade banners that are sized to match your garage door. If you use banners, be careful about how you hang the materials. Using the right adhesives is essential so that you don’t damage the surface or appearance of the garage door.
  • Magnets: Another option is to hang a holiday greeting with good magnets. Look through online collections of decorative door magnets with designs for all of the major holidays throughout the years.
  • Traditional Christmas Lights: Hang strands of lights on the roofline above the garage door. These lights should never be attached to the door directly. The moving parts on the garage door could be dangerous since it is possible for the lights to get caught and damaged when the door is moving up and down.
  • Projector Lights: A small projector can be placed strategically to shine lights and patterns on your garage door and other areas of your home. This projector has a variety of patterns that can be used. If you are going to buy a projector, look for a package that includes the projector as well as the patterned slides that can be used for different holidays.

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