Social Distancing from the Animals in Your Attic

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With the current “Stay at Home” order here in California, it might feel lonely without your normal social activities. You can enjoy the companionship of your family members who share your home. But there is one type of roommate that you don’t want – especially during this time: animals in the attic. As you are practicing social distancing, there are a few pest control tips that can be used to put as much distance between you and these pests.

How to Tell if There are Animals in the Attic

A few common signs will indicate that you have new, furry residents in your attic. Listen for noises above your ceiling, such as:

  • Scratching
  • Scampering
  • Digging
  • Animal cries
  • Walking

These animals are attracted to your home because they are looking for a warm, comfortable place of shelter. Often, nests are built so the offspring can be born in a location away from predators.

Getting Rid of Attic Pests

Not only are these animals noisy, but they are also causing damage to your home. They often chew wires, furniture, wood, and other items in the attic. Additionally, your home can take on an unpleasant odor the longer these animals are living upstairs. It is important to be proactive in getting rid of the pests as soon as possible.

You might try a few at-home pest control tips, but often professional services are needed – especially if you have an infestation. Common strategies include:

  • Bang on the rafters to scare them away
  • Play loud music in the attic throughout the day
  • Place bright lights in the attic to make it uncomfortable for certain animals
  • Scatter mothballs or cotton balls soaked in ammonia or apple cider vinegar since animals don’t like these smells
  • Set traps – but make sure you identify the type of animal so you can choose the right traps

Not only do you need to eliminate the infestation, but it is also important to find the entry point so your home can be sealed after the pests are gone.

The best solution is to call a pest control company to access full-service solutions, including removal of the pests and prevention from future infestations. If you think there are animals in your attic, then call us right away: Riche’s Termite and Pest Service can be reached at (951) 233-7697.